virtual testing VIA ZOOM

Instruktioner på svenska.

You will take the test at home using your own computer (Mac/PC) or iPad/iPhone. One of our test administrators will supervise while you are doing the test using the online communication platform Zoom. This means that we will be able to see you via the camera on your phone whilst you are doing the test.

It is important that you check beforehand that everything is working, preferably the day before. Make sure to find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed while you are doing the test. After you booked a time to take the test, you can sign in for instructions.

A mobile phone for the Zoom-meeting.

When taking the test, the phone is placed so that both you and the device you are doing the test on are visible.

A computer (Win/Mac) or an iPad/iPhone.

This is for doing the test. You will need to install the software Safe Exam Browser on this device. Sign in for instructions.

NB You cannot use a Chromebook. Only PC/Windows, Mac, Iphone or iPad.

preparations - BEFORE THE TEST

Download and install Safe Exam Browser on the device you will be using for doing the test.

Safe Exam Browser will lock down your device whilst you are taking the test. You will not be able to start the test until you have downloaded SEB. Please sign in for instructions and download link.

Download Zoom to a mobile phone

If you haven’t already got Zoom downloaded on your phone (iPhone or Android), you need to install the Zoom app. Please sign in for instructions.


Sit by youself

Make sure to sit in a quiet room where you won’t be disturbed.

Switch off

If you have other devices with internet connection (mobile phones, smartwatches, etc.) than the ones you are using for the test, make sure they are switched off before you start the test.


Make sure to have a charger connected to your device so that the battery does not run low.

Show ID

You need to show a valid form of ID to the test administrator before you start the test.


The mobile phone which you will use to connect to the Zoom-meeting has to be placed so that we will get a good view of both you and your screen.

Test on computer

Place your smartphone so that both you and your computer are visible in the Zoom-meeting.

Test on iPad/iPhone

Place your smartphone so that both you and your iPad/iPhone are visible in the Zoom-meeting.